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I am not taking commisions at the moment, the list is already full, but if you really want to get something from me note me and I'll add you to the waiting list.

I will draw ponies for you!

I tend to avoid humans and anthro (though if you really, REALLY have nothing to spend plenty of money for, you can contact me about it, yet prepare to be charged at least 20 USD more)


My Steam account 
My email -
Or send me a note in here!


Normal, full body pony (price will depend a bit on complexity):
  - sketch - 4 USD or 2 keys
  - flat color - 6-8 USD or 3-4 keys
  - full color with shading - 10-15 USD or 5-8 keys
  - full color with extra details and shading (please specify) 10 USD+
  - any additional character +5 USD 
  - simple background +5 USD (please note I'm not experienced if it comes to backgrounds)
Examples of full coloured and shaded pictures:
Neon Jazzercise by OtkurzaczCommision: Kawaii-DesuDesu by Otkurzacz   Commision: Starphire by Otkurzacz Commision: Cloud Zapper by Otkurzacz

Portraits - detailed, finished full coloured and shaded - 7-8 USD 
New avatar by OtkurzaczCommie by Otkurzacz Crystal Bloodlust by Otkurzacz  FireCrab by Otkurzacz  

Chibi-like style
- a bit more sketchy, in simplier style - 8-10 USD
Kiriban #1 by OtkurzaczKiriban #2 by OtkurzaczDerpy! by Otkurzacz

Every picture will be drawn digitally, if you want otherwise tell me :) (Smile)

Accepting payment in money (PayPal), TF2/CS:GO keys on Steam or deviantArt points (1 USD = 100 points)

If you are more convenient with paying in items (Steam), here is the list of items I'd accept:

- AWP Redline MW ~7€ 
- AWP Asiimov WW ~50€ 
- M4A4 Asiimov WW ~20€ 
- Glock-18 Blue Fissure (StatTrak) MW ~5.70€ 
- CZ-75 Auto The Fuschia Is Now FN ~2.20€ 
- M4A1-S Atomic Alloy MW ~7€ 
- AUG Anodized Navy MW/FN ~1.20-2.50€ 

- Strange Killstreak Australium Axtinguisher ~20€
- Strange Australium Medi Gun ~65€

Send me a note or add me on Steam if you are interested!

'To do' list: 

1. :icontwowingsstudios: - sketch - 25%
2. :iconbleakfoxes:0%
3. :iconjapplewapple: - lineart - 50% 
4. private vampony commision - sketch - 25%
5. Steam friend (Tomsterr) - lineart - 50% 
6. :iconearth-pony: - sketch - 25%
7. :icondownpourpony: - sketch - 25%
8. Steam friend (Thunder Flash) - 0%
9. :iconeldefaultio:25%
10. art trade with :iconaflutterofwings:0%

Slots to take:



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Thanks for the llama!
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We are now llama friends! Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
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All your drawings are AWESOME and thanks you so much for the bage
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Pizda, hope ya enjoyed your fokin' weekend at ya BFF's! See you next week Terribly drawn derp 

Unicorn masterrace B)
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